In the most recent issue of VAuLT we re-imagine vintage designer into the street-wear scene. Two different fashion world’s have collided to create, what I believe to be, the new millennial uniform: luxury street-wear. Luxury no longer means buying at high price-points. Instead it holds much more significant value, it’s about having access and being apart of an exclusive fashion tribe. VAuLT is exactly that community. Our VAuLT readers are the pioneers of this trend, the trend-setters.


We are living through times where sustainability is the biggest buzzword with the stigma of shopping second- hand being eliminated. VAuLT solidifies why that stigma has been removed by shining light onto the exclusive side of the second-hand market; the pre-loved luxury scene. We represent the readership who are value-conscious with a high-brow discerning taste that are sustainably minded.


The search for uniqueness in today’s society still runs wild and the feeling you get when finding piece that is exclusive and unique to you is unbeatable. It was this excitement behind the hunt of rare,limited luxury items that birthed what VAuLT is all about. We aim to create a community where vintage designer is at it’s core as it continues on it’s journey to becoming the future of fashion.

Vault magazine entails everything there is to know about the pre-loved designer and luxury vintage market. Vault takes you to the polar side of the second-hand industry to where it becomes an art form and desirable lifestyle. We give you the exclusive access code to unlocking the secrets of the Vault.