March 10th 2020

Words by Emily Batters


Fall 1995 Ready-to-Wear.  This Collection from Jean Paul Gaultier is renowned as one of his best and most memorable shows and is why it makes it into the VAuLT best archive lists. The Cyber Show was so important because he was one of the first designers to incorporate the importance of technology into the future of fashion, at a time when technology hasn't boomed yet. The CYBERBABA dresses can now be seen sold on resale sites for upwards of £3,000.

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Fall 2000, Dior Collection. The most memorable  era for Dior was of course the time when John Galliano was creative director. Pieces from these collections are highly popular and sought after in fashion today. This runway collection makes it into the most iconic shows for VAuLT as this has characterised the trend today of Y2K even before it's time. Full of monogram logo head to toe outfits, knee high boots, dior saddle bags. It's really the most stand out time for Dior. 


CHANEL Fall 2014 - Who can forget the runway where Karl Lagerfeild turned the fall show at the Grand Palais into a complete supermarket, fashioned and decorated with everything  from fresh produce , Chanel branded hardware and groceries.  Carried in baskets wrapped in CHANEL'S classic handbag strap. The attention to detail in this runway show is what makes it into VAuLT's most iconic runway shows to go in our archive. The only problem Chanel faces is topping to amazing creative direction work of Karl Lagerfeild. 


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