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The New York stylist renting out his covetable collection of vintage designer 

The New York stylist who grew up in the school where they filmed Gossip Girl.Gossip girl that is set in the upper east side in New York flashes and showcases the finest of fashion pieces. The series was inspired and filmed at  the school that Gabriel Held attended. If this isn’t the best possible start into the high-end fashion scene then I don’t know what is. Gabriel Held is the New York stylist who grew up in this infamous school. 


Gabriel who started life in the fashion scene by collecting the finest of designer pieces, struggled at first looking for a job that suited him. With his huge collection of vintage designer pieces that were hot property he realised that he could make a career out of his own personal wardrobe. Gabriel has become an internet sensation on Instagram by styling the likes of celebrities with his jam packed designer wardrobe. He now makes a living by having the dream job of renting out his wardrobe and styling the likes of Sofia Ritchie. 

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