Kylie Jenners fake Dior Disaster


April 28th 2020

Words by Emily Batters

Up roar about Kylie Jenners fake Dior? 

Kylie Jenner, recently took to instagram to show off her luxury lockdown looks. Little to her knowledge that she was wearing a fake dior set. The red Dior monogram set from the John Galliano era was pictured on the Kylie and quickly after the eager eyes of the vintage designer sellers spotted some things that didn’t add up. This caused uproar in the preloved luxury goods market between sellers and the seller who supposedly sold Kylie Jenner a fake. 


The price of this item sold to the Kardashian was upwards of £1,200 and many are outraged that the seller has been able to get away with selling this for something that is not worth this valuation. To spot an authentic DIOR, the devil is in the detail and every trained authenticator will tell you the same. Labels and sticthing on authentic Dior is always done to the best standard. Serial number in the product should match that of the year it was produced. These little things are giveaways but to the trained eye, this can be hard. This is also considerably harder when the shopper selling it to you is a big trusted company in the vintage resale market. 


This feud also fuelled the fire for other products that have been identified as fake in the industry. John Galliano Cyberbaba dresses found exactly the same on AliBaba, a well known online marketplace for cheap goods, for as little as £20. For this to be sold for upwards of £1,000 and is a criminal offence and is why it has created such tensions in the industry. Smaller sellers who assure to the best of their ability that they are selling authentic goods to their customers feel cheated in some way to a larger company who is knowing making money out of selling fakes. 


Screenshot images courtesy of @queenvinarchives

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