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Luxury to the Rescue

The fashion luxury market is stepping in to help with the outbreak of CoronaVirus. Fashion is doing it's bit to help in the pandemic where they can. A lot of this involves using resources available to them that they can turn into vital help for the crisis. LVMH, the world’s luxury leading products group, are set and ready to use their perfume factories to produce much in demand hand sanitisers. These factories that, on a normal day, are producing for the likes of Christian Dior and Givenchy, will be moving the high quality, extravagant perfume and cosmetic products for a much more basic need that will be saving lives across the globe in the crisis of the pandemic. 


The expected tonnes of hand sanitiser from LVMH will be delivered throughout the largest hospital system in Europe. The scale of the production is expected to grow as “LVMH will continue to honour this commitment for as long as necessary in connection with the French health authorities”. LVMH were set to mark the standard in hopes that other luxury brands would follow in their footsteps and influence them to make efforts to save the countires that are apart of these fashion houses livelihoods. Italy being on of the worst hit countries is home to many of the biggest fashion houses globally and so brands are now really ramping up the gear to protect the country and it's people that have a profound interest for fashion. 

Prada reacted quick to aid their home nation; supplying support to hospitals in Milan, producing hospital gowns and surgical face masks. Moncler announced that it will donate €10 million towards the construction of a new hospital in Milan. 


Not only have we seen support for Italian fashion houses, names from far and wide are stepping in to play their part.  British brand Burberry has announced a number of coronavirus tackling initiatives. They are using their famous trench-coat producing factory to deliver face masks and gowns, as well as funding research for a vaccine. The list doesn't stop there; Ralph Lauren will be donating $10 million to various COVID-19 funds and charities. The brand will also be making  face masks, in addition to hospital gowns. 

This list is now extensive from Gucci to Giorgio Armani, proving that big fashion labels really will step in too help their home nations when they need it the most. A collaboration of fashion houses globally to help in their way to stop the spread of the crisis we find ourselves in. I'm sure this won't be the last of the brands to step in, as the need for supplies and funding ramps up, we'll be sure to see more brands doing similar things.