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ReBag's infinity programme

Rebag is a platform that let's people buy and sell their pre-owned luxury handbags.  Rebag have expanded and upgraded its pre-exisitng rental resale model.  Initially in 2018, when ReBag infinity first launched, customers had the option to purchase a bag, show-it off for up to 6 months and then exchange it for 70% of its original price in ReBag credit. Making it easy to always have the bag that is on trend at anyone time wether its the Dior Saddle bag or the Fendi Baguette. Making your closet always relevant and contributing to a circular fashion system. Recently in March 2020, Rebag have extended their Infinity programme that let's shoppers choose from 3 different tiers. Tier 1; exchange the bag after 1-3 months for 80% of its value in ReBag credit. Tier 2; exchange the bag after 3-6 months for 70% of its value in ReBag credit. Tier 3; 70% of its value in ReBag credit if the customer has had it for 6 months to a year.  From ReBag “Luxury consumers adapt quickly to fashion trends as they come and go, so by broadening the exchange deadline from six months to a full year, Rebag is providing endless access to a cyclical luxury collection,” 


This new programme is exactly what the future of shopping should look and will be looking like in years to come. Promoting rentals and resale so that we all together use and buy less fashion items. 

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