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Q&A with Depop shop @shoppascaleeliza

February 17th 2020

What is the inspiration behind your shop? Does you style influence what you choose to sell?  

I would say that the influence behind my shop is basically everything I remember from growing up in the 90s / 00s. I love anything monogram, bold pattern based, chic and Y2k. I think my personal style definitely influences what I choose to sell as I hand source each item individually meaning I would never buy something that i wouldn't wear myself.


Have you always had a love for designer vintage? 

I have been charity shopping, buying vintage and looking for unique items at car boot sales for years and years now. It wasn't long before I started discovering rare designer pieces and then realised there are real treasures floating around out just need to look! Ive always had a keen interest in designer fashion but never had the budget to buy it new. Finding a vintage piece at a stupidly low price is literally the best feeling ever.


Do you ever want to keep the pieces that you sell? 

All the time!!! Haha, its actually really hard. Quite often if I love something, I will hang it in my personal wardrobe and give myself a time limit. If its not been worn within that time then it deserves a more loving home.


When was the brand set up and why? What is it all about? 

I started just selling my own stuff on depop in about 2014 to get some extra cash. I then realised how much I generally loved going out, finding treasures and then finding them a new loving home! I get such a kick out of giving items a new lease of life. Im very thrifty and also love the process of styling and photographic something thats been crumpled up at a car bootsale or gathering dust on a hanger and showing off its beauty again.


What’s sells the most, what are your most popular items? 

Corsets and cute simple cami / slip tops are probably my best sellers - along with classic branded items, so anything Burberry nova check, Fendi monogram etc etc


How do you stand out amongst all the brands that are now jumping on the designer vintage trend? 

I take huge price in my photography and this is something that often gets complimented. I love working with real people and often use my friends in local settings and work with local photographers. Im all about helping each other out and working together in this creative industry. 


What’s the rarest item you’ve ever sold? 

I had a beautiful Galliano era Dior Saddle bag that I struggled to let go of but probably that.


How do you source all your clothes? Are you specific about what you choose to sell? 

I go to everything from car boots to charity shops to Italian markets to ebay...the list is literally endless and so broad! Im defiantly quite specific as if I don't love and believe in something myself then I don't want to be selling it under my brand. I do however try to remain openminded in some senses and can appreciate some styles I may not wear myself but still can think are beautiful and worth something to someone else...if that makes sense.


What is the future for your brand? 

At the moment I really just want to keep enjoying it and expanding. Who knows where it will take me. It would be amazing to get some styling opportunities - so maybe continue building my personal archive and possibly lending out pieces.