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The rare edit is here, Asos marketplace have newly launched their new edit and we are loving it . Shop the rare edit when you can grab yourself a vintage designer  steal, from Fendi jeans to Dior monogram tops, they’ll have everything to kit you out with your new luxury wardrobe. Best of all it’s sustainable and you will be helping to contribute to the circular economy. 


The edit is a carefully curated selection of the finest luxury preloved items from the most reputable sellers. The campaign is one part of an Asos Marketplace initiative in order to help to support independent retailers and boutiques during the corona virus pandemic. For many small business this will be one of the toughest times, economically that they will be facing. ASOS marketplace want to protect these brand that have made the marketplace spin off of ASOS so sucessful. The marketplace, which has become a leading online platform for independent brands and vintage boutiques since launching in 2010, has removed it’s £25 monthly fee to  its network of retailers who would typically pay to host their products and shop on the site. Asos marketplace was already making headway for getting itself knowing in the vintage market with the likes of sportswear and other preloved goods, but the rare edit has taken it’s sustainable model to that more luxurious level. 

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